All Mobilink Internet Packages All 3G 4G Bundles

Mobilink Jazz New Internet Packages 3G & 4G Bundles

All Mobilink Internet Packages Both 2G & 3G Bundles

Mobilink New Jazz Internet Bundles for Everyone to enjoy the internet all day. In this post of Mobilink Jazz we will give you some of the best internet packages of New Mobilink Jazz for enjoying internet. New High speed internet packages for girls & Boys. Latest Mobilink Internet Packages. How To Subscribe Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages. How to Subscribe Mobilink Jazz Net Bundles Easily. All the information for subscribing Mobilink Jazz Bundles. All Details About Unsubscribing Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages.

New 3G 4G Packages For Enjoying Internet

All Mobilink Internet Packages Both 2G & 3G Bundles

How To Subscribe & Unsubscribe Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages (Bundles)

Sr. Name Prices -PKR Data Volume Validity Period Time Window To Subscribe To Un-subscribe
1 One Day Bundle 14.34 100 MB 24 Hrs *114*13# *114*13*4#
2 Weekly Bundle 41.81 500 MB 7 Days *114*7# *114*7*4#
3 3-Day Bundle 21.51 300 MB 3 Days *114*8# *114*8*4#
4 Daily Bundle2 11.94 50 MB 24 Hrs *114*1# *114*1*4#
5 Late Night Offer2 3.99 100 MB 24 Hrs 12:00 am
8:00 AM
*114*2# *114*2*4#
6 3-Day Social Bundle 11.95 Unlimited Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & 300 SMS 3 Days *114*17# *114*17*4#
7 Daily Social Bundle 5 100 MB Browsing on Facebook & WhatsApp 24 Hrs *114*5# *114*5*4#
8 Mini Bundle3 1 1 MB 24 Hrs *114*3# *114*3*4#
9 Nimbuzz Bundle 12 Unlimited use of Nimbuzz Messenger 7 Days *114*12# *114*12*4#
10 Monthly Bundle 119.49 200 MB 30 Days *114*30# *114*30*4#
11 Super Monthly Bundle2 179.24 1 GB
(1024 MB)
30 Days *114*33# *114*33*4#
12 3-Month Bundle 300 3 GB
(3072 MB)
90 Days *114*19# *114*19*4#
13 Pay As You Go 21.51 1 MB

Terms & Conditions Of Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages:


  • All Prices Includes Tax.
  • The Daily Late Night Packages Are Auto re-subscribed After 24 Hours. If you do not have the required Balance In The given time of re-subscription you will be given time of 24 Grace time for recharging your account. If you recharge your account before grace time, offer will be re-subscribed automatically. If you don’t want to continue the offer you can un-subscribe From The strings Mentioned In the above Table.
  • The Subscription Price of the Mini Internet Bundle is Rs/-2.99 / Day. Mini Package Subscriber can continue as long as He/she wants. Mini Internet Package Subscriber can use as much as He/she wants @ Rs/-1.00/MB Until Package Expires. No fair usage policies will be applied on the user.
  • Pay The fee as you go is the best default package. It means anyone who is not subscribed to any Package he/she can consume the internet as the pay as you go internet rates charging pulses will be at least 64KB.
  • GPRS Packages can be subscribed as in 4G & 3G Bundles Network Speed @ Speed Of 4G.
  • Over-age Of The Daily Social Internet Package Will be charged @ Rs/-0.18/MB.

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