Latest List Of Mobilink Jazz Message Package

Latest List Of Mobilink Jazz Message Package

Latest SMS Package For SMS Lovers For Messaging To All Networks. this are the best SMS package for girls & Boys for messaging friends and to stay updated from friends. these SMS messaging bundles are available starting just for Rs/- 2.38 (including tax). In this package we have 1 day bundle, Weekly 7 day Bundle & Monthly 30 Day Bundle for messaging all of your friends all day long. we also have unlimited whatsapp in our daily package starts from 5.98 (Including TAX) only for you. Unlimited whatsapp is also available in weekly 7 day bundle & in monthly 30 Day bundle too…

How To Subscribe Daily SMS Bundle:

How To Subscribe Daily Message SMS Package You need to dial *106*1#  for 150 SMS for 24 hours.for subscribing 2nd SMS Bundle Of 120 SMS Messages You Need To Dial *101*3*0*1# for subscribing. For subscribing to 3rd SMS message Package Of 1500 SMS Message + Unlimited Whatsapp You Need To Dial *334*3# for subscribing….

How To Unsubscribe Daily SMS Bundle:

How to unsubscribe Daily SMS Message Package. In This case you need to dial *106*4# for unsubscribing To Daily Message package. For unsubscribing 2rd SMS Message Bundle you need to dial *101*4*01# For unsubscribing. For unsubscribing 3rd SMS Message Bundle you need to dial *334*4# for unsubscribing.

SMS Bundles



SMS Plus

*Daily Bundle Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundle Weekly Bundle

Monthly Bundle

Information String

*106*3# *101*3*01# *334*3# *101*3*07# *101*3*02#


150 SMS 1200 SMS 1500 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp 1000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp 20,000 SMS & Unlimited Whatsapp


1 Day 1 Days 1 Day 7 Day 30 Day

Subscription String

*106*1# *101*1*01# *334# *101*1*07# *101*1*02#

Subscription Fee

Rs. 2.38 (inclusive of tax) Rs. 4.77 (inclusive of tax) Rs. 5.98 (inclusive of tax) Rs. 13.13 (inclusive of tax) Rs. 47.79 (inclusive of tax)

Un-Subscription String

*106*4# *101*4*01# *334*4# *101*4*07# *101*4*02#

Status String

*106*2# *101*2*01# *334*2# *101*2*07# *101*2*02#


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