Zong 4G LTE & All In One Packages With Mobile Internet

Zong 4G Latest Internet bundles Details:


Zong 4G LTE & All In One Packages With Mobile Internet


Daily Mini20 MBRs.51 day
Daily Basic100 MBRs.151 day
Daily Premium200 MBRs.251 day
Weekly Package -700 MB700 MBRs.707 days
Monthly Mini – 150 MB150 MBRs.5030 days
Monthly Basic – 500 MB500 MBRs. 15030 days
Monthly Premium – 1 GB1 GBRs.25030 days
Monthly Premium – 2 GB2 GBRs.35030 days
Monthly Premium – 4 GB4 GBRs.65030 days
Monthly Premium Plus – 10 GB10 GBRs.150030 days
Monthly Premium Plus– 20 GB20 GBRs.250030 days
Monthly Premium Plus– 30 GB30 GBRs.350030 days
Social Pack(Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter)500MBRs.101 day
Facebook Daily50MBRs.51 day
WhatsApp Daily30 MBRs.31 day
Twitter Daily20 MBRs.21 day

Prepaid Customers:

Dial *6464# to activate Zong Data Bundles

Postpaid Customers:

Dial *7788# to activate Zong Data Bundles

All-in-1 Daily40 Mbps40 on-net minutes
4 off-net minutes
400 SMSRs. 20/day (inclusive of tax)*6464# → 3 → 1
All-in-1 Weekly150 MBs350 on-net minutes
35 off-net minutes
350 SMSRs. 100/week (inclusive of tax)*6464# → 3 → 2
All-in-1 Monthly 250700 MBs700 on-net minutes
70 off-net minutes
700 SMSRs. 250/month (inclusive of tax)*6464# → 3 → 3
All-in-1 Monthly 5001500 MB1,500 on-net minutes
150 off-net minutes
1500 SMSRs. 500/month (inclusive of tax)*6464# → 3 → 4
All-in-1 Monthly 5992 GB* Unlimited on-net (24 hrs)
***Unlimited (500/day)Rs. 599/month (exclusive of tax)*6464# → 3 → 5
All-in-1Monthly 7994 GB* Unlimited on-net (24 hrs)
*** Unlimited (500/day)Rs. 799/month (exclusive of tax)*6464# → 3 → 6

To subscribe, please dial *6464# & Then Dial 3 In Answer.

When will Be 4G activated On My SIM.

First you need to buy a new Zong 4G SIM from the Franchise Then Insert your SIM into your 4G enabled Handset Then You Should Be In The 4G Coverage Area For Browsing The Internet In 4G.

I Have A SIM Do I need to purchase New SIM to use Zong 4G Internet.

Yes You Will Need To Purchase your 4Genabled SIM from Your Nearest Franchise For Browsing Or downloading the files or data you will have to buy a new 4G Enabled SIM.

What is ZONG 4G SIM really?

Since it is also a 64K Sim But It is based on (USIM) universal Subscriber Identification Module SIM Specially Designed For Faster Internet. It is very different then your previous SIM

How do I check That is my phone 4G supported Or Not?

For checking of your handset is 4G supported You can visit our website @ www.whatmobilez.com your phone is 4G LTE compatible Or not compatible.

How Do I configure Zong 4G settings on my Smartphone / Handset.

You will have to enable Zong 4G LTE settings on your phone From the official website blog of Zong Telecommunication.

How do I know Where the Zong 4G coverage area is.

You can easily identify the Zong 4G area from Zong Official Website Blog.

Do I need to subscribe to a new data plan for Zong 4G SIM.

Yes You Need to Subscribe a new data plan for using the New Zong 4 G SIM

What are the (AIO) All-in-one Package.

One Package contains all SMS, Voice Calls & Data.

What Does happen after Zong 4G Package is expired.

 If the Package is expired you will  be charge the rate of Rs/-1.00/ Pre MB. Until You are re-subscribed to any Of the Zong 4G  Package. All monthly bundles renew automatically after 1 Month.

Wha will be the speed When I get on Zong 4G Internet Package.

The speed will be based on LTE the fastest internet service. Very much faster than the 3G Internet.

What is the Difference of speed between Zong 4G (LTE) and 3G.

Zong 4G (LTE) Works In Highest speed of 150Mbps But The Normal 3G Speed Is Upto 21 Mbps Which is very Slow then the Zong 4G (LTE) Speed.

What is the difference in Zong SUPER 3G and Zong 4G (LTE) from 2G?

2G Speed Is the slowest Internet Speed In Pakistan but Zong Super 3G is much more better then that it works @ the Speed Of 41 Mbps which is very high and Zong 4G (LTE) is the fastest speed in Pakistan working up to 150Mbps Speed for the best internet performance.

What happens if I move out of Zong 4G (LTE) coverage area.

All 4G enabled Packages can also be used on 2G And 3G network in the whole nation. You can use the same Package in 2G & In 3G coverage areas and Can enjoy 2G and 3G  speeds Easily.

What can I do with Zong 4G?

Zong 4G can be used at Office or at your home for:

Highest 4G speed Handset internet access

Accessing all contents and multimedia app such as HD Videos, HD Songs, HD Movies.

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